dance to chance

dance to chance

lucky shots

Synchronicity is an ever present reality
for those who have eyes to see.

— Carl Jung

Coincidences occur in everyone's life and can carry meaning. Meaningful chance, or 'synchronicity,' is what Carl Jung called it: "What I found were 'coincidences' so meaningfully connected that their 'coincidental' chance would represent a degree of improbability that would have to be expressed by an astronomical number."

In 2011, I began to see double or triple numbers everywhere. The numbers were too coincidental to be written off as chance. Especially when I saw multiple license plates that all doubled. The numbers seemed to have meaning, though I couldn't put my finger on what that meaning was. The animals I encountered also seemed to carry messages. Why is there a dead bird on my patio just before my neighbor died? Is there a connection?

Coincidences form an invisible woven net that lies over everyday life. You're on vacation, 800 kilometers from home and you run into an acquaintance in the middle of the street. That's weird, isn't it?

In 2015, I began to actively capture the chance in my life. With this series of images, I wanted to show that there is such a thing as meaningful coincidence. It has become a motley procession of images. Sometimes the accent is more on the aesthetics, but mostly the hidden message of chance is central. A message that is deeply personal and therefore mostly remains invisible to the outsider.

You have to experience meaningful coincidence in your own life in order to fathom it.

— dance to chance (2015-2024)
— photo & video art by Frank Zweers