There is something in the world
which cannot be tackled by thought;
to enter it at all, you must start to become an artist.

— Rudolf Steiner

photo & video art

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BEST OF BUSTER | the art of gag | 2'33"

Mini music movie of a compilation of stunts by Buster Keaton, made in 2014 by Anne 'Genie'. Set to the music 'Lonesome Road' by Dean Miller & his Orchestra. The original video was used in its entirity, only speeded up to appr. 206% to fit the music track.

overheated... 40° celcius | 26 july 2019

rocket to the moon | 50 years ago... | 3'22"

Mini music movie of the epic film 'Le voyage dans la lune' from 1902 by French director Georges Méliès. Set to the music 'By Rocket to the Moon' by the Raymond Scott Quintet, from 1950. For this purpose the silent film of Méliès was used in its entirity, speeded up to 444% of it's original length to fit the music track.

50 years ago... Apollo 11 | 22 july 2019

nisperos | landscape studies

Landscape studies made in Callosa d’en Sarrià, Alicante Spain. In this small village the main source of income is growing Nisperos, a sort of peach like fruit. To protect the trees from the wind they are covered with semi transparent nylon. This chances the view of the landscape dramatically. When the covers go to waste the micro plastics end up in the environment.

photo series | may 2019

callosa | traveling wilbury

Traveling pictures made in Callosa d’en Sarrià, Alicante Spain. Stayed there for a month in an art studio of the Fundación Cultural Knecht-Drenth, together with several other Dutch artists.

photo series | 25 april - 21 may 2019



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