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Music gives a soul to the Universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.

— Plato

In 2016, I started making music videos. In doing so, I borrowed material from others. I wanted to make videos again, but not by making expensive and complicated film recordings myself (with the accompanying trouble of applying for grants). There is already enough beautiful work that deserves more eyes. The music videos series was made not only as an ode to music, but also as an ode to extraordinary images by filmmakers and animators.

The choice of music reflects my interest in meaningful songs. Ordinary pop songs were less appealing to me. It was the big statements of great icons that attracted me. The work of Joni Mitchell, Marvin Gaye, Jules de Corte and Bram Vermeulen was substantively deep and interesting to me. They were worth adding images to.

In addition to these four series, I also provided several individual songs with a video. The most popular of these is the video I made to accompany "Stand and Deliver" by Eric Clapton.

A lot is allowed on the Internet. Yet it can happen that a video is suddenly taken offline on youtube. If the author objects, you get a strike. With three strikes, your channel is shut down. I have seen quite a few videos disappear this way. The series is therefore hanging by a thread. You never know if you will be able to enjoy the video clips tomorrow.

I was pleasantly surprised to discover that according to article 18b of Dutch copyright law, making a 'pastiche' is allowed. A pastiche is a work of art that consists of a "mishmash" of fragments from other works. That is exactly what I do, just as a painter refines his technique by using a Rembrandt as a starting point, I use material from feature films, commercials and animated films, and then tell my own story, a video pastiche.

The fun of creating was in making the images fit the music as precisely as possible. If the images start dancing to the music, it's good. And then when it also reinforces the content of the song, it creates fireworks.

most recent | music videos

Sorry dat ik besta | music video

Romeo & Julius

muziekvideo (3′44″)


Willem Nijholt - Sorry dat ik besta
uit de musical Foxtrot (1977)


official Eurovision music video
Ryan O'Shaughnessy - Together
entry for Ireland (2018)

view Sorry dat ik besta

Welcome to the Machine | music video

Welcome to the Machine

music video (7′33″)


Pink Floyd
from the album Wish you were Here (1975)


movie from Rupert Sanders
Ghost in the Shell (2017)

view Welcome to the Machine

Time | music video

zeit variation

music video (5′55″)


The Alan Parsons Project
Turn of a Friendly Card (1980)


video clip from Rammstein
Zeit (2022)

view Time

Kleine Anita | music video

Kleine Anita

music video (2′33″)


Jules de Corte
from the album Over the Rainbow (2005)


videoclip from Sigur Rós
Varúð (2012) directed by Ryan McGingley

view Kleine Anita

Ze weten niet wat ze doen | music video

Ze weten niet wat ze doen

music video (2′44″)


Jules de Corte - Ze weten niet wat ze doen
from the album Bij leven en welzijn (1976)


five commercials
directed by Nalle Sjoblad

view Ze weten niet wat ze doen

De reuzen van de middelmaat | music video

De reuzen van de middelmaat

music video (2′02″)


Jules de Corte
Orchestra by Jos Cleber
from the album De hopelozen (2014)


Gardaí (Irish Police) dancing on Jerusalema
from In Ireland (2021)

view De reuzen van de middelmaat

Stand & Deliver | music video

Stand & Deliver

music video (4′44″)


Eric Clapton
written by Van Morrison (2020)


Diego Contreras & Dave Ramirez
Placebo - Rob the Bank (2013)

view Stand & Deliver

Amelia | music video


music video (7′11″)


Joni Mitchell
from the album Travelogue (2002)


Diego Contreras & Khalid Mohtaseb
video for Lincoln - Bloom (2015)

view Amelia

— music videos (2016-2023)

music videos | sharing my love for music

— photo & video art by Frank Zweers