traveling wilbury

traveling wilbury

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When we are clever, we choose the path of Pooh. He calls us with the voice of our childhood spirit.

— Benjamin Hoff (Tao of Pooh)

At the beginning of the new century, cell phones entered our lives. Soon I had one with a camera, a Sony Ericsson with Carl Zeiss lens. The resolution was only so-so, but the pleasure of photographing was greatly enhanced by it. No more going out with a tripod, no exposure meter needed, no spending hours in dark rooms. After a break of almost ten years, I cautiously began photographing again.

Out and about in strange surroundings. Turning right on my gut feeling, to stumble upon a wondrous scene. Hidden behind glass are animals in a shop window. I photographed what struck me. What does the place show me? At the art academy I had learned that you can only get to the heart of things when you start to see the preference of your own vision. The inspiration in your eyes.

The layering of music, of a first and a second voice, of harmony and rhythm, of a theme and repetitions, I wanted to capture that in images. Often there was the glass in between, the lens on which the light broke.

The series began with the name 'my mobile years', referring to my cell phone as a camera. Eventually it became an ode to the occasional band Traveling Wilburys, by George Harrison, Jeff Lynne, Roy Orbison, Bob Dylan and Tom Petty. With them, the joy of creating was paramount. Whatever was available was made into a song.

The fun of playing is certainly something that also applies to the photo series 'traveling wilbury'. And it is with those eyes that you can best view the photographs.

hommage à Gerhard Richter | Centre Pompidou, Paris FR, 8 september 2012
hommage à Jean Cocteau | Museum of Contemporary Art, Ibiza ES, 25 september 2013
vogeluitkijkpost | NL, 8 april 2012
dag Rome! | Aeroporto di Roma Fiumicino, Rome IT, 22 januari 2007
dag Ardeche! | Ardeche FR, 13 april 2007
dag bus! | Voordorp, Utrecht NL, 20 november 2007
engeltjes op mijn pad | Madrid ES, oktober 2006
Parque de El Retiro | Madrid ES, oktober 2006
Jardines de Sabatini | Madrid ES, oktober 2006
verlaten | Penedès ES, 15 augustus 2006
verlaten | Penedès ES, 15 augustus 2006
Hitchcock @ Mont Juich | Barcelona ES, 12 augustus 2006
bimba & lola | Granada ES, 6 Mei 2009
Alahambra | Granada ES, 6 Mei 2009
baguette magique | Paris FR, 4 juni 2006
queso de oveja | Valencia ES, 22 november 2007
airport coffee | Gatwick Airport UK, 31 mei 2006
flying snails | Mecklenburg DE, 9 augustus 2009
flying snails | Mecklenburg DE, 9 augustus 2009
Le Corbusier | Ronchamps, 1 maart 2003

— traveling wilbury (2003-2013)

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— photo & video art by Frank Zweers