the dark side

the dark side

set to weird Zounds!

“Love and laughter break through all rigid conditioning.”

— Joost Meerloo

The dark side is a series of video pastiches of strange and funny music set to evil and dark images. Since the beginning of the 21st century, the music industry has been increasingly influenced by evil. In light of the corona plandemic, it became even more apparent that all our political leaders did not have good intentions either, locking people up at home and gagging them with censorship and mouth caps. I wanted to reflect on this prevailing change in society.

No one can deny anymore that something evil is going around. The music industry is one of the best examples. Madonna predicted the pandemic in her 2019 Eurovision performance. Dutch singer Anouk slaughters men in one of her music videos. Lil Nas X dances on the devil's lap. Meanwhile, the masses on TikTok sexualize their lives.

To make the images accessible to our eyes, I had to contrast them with something light. The only way to break the spells is to make fun of it. For 'the dark side', I used the music from two LPs, both titled 'Zounds! What Sounds!'. The oldest LP is from 1959 with music by The Polyphonics. The other LP is from 1967 with music by Dean Elliot & His Big Band. The 24 tracks form an alienating musical landscape for various obscure expressions of the contemporary music industry.

There truly is a dark side. Satan and Lucifer are working together to establish a technocratic 'inclusive' and 'sustainable' world empire where illusion and destruction go hand in hand. These videos of recent years clearly show that there is a Team Dark. It operates in the open, see for yourself. And don't fall for it. Stay wise and trust in love.

Zounds! What Sounds! (1967)

Dean Elliott & His Big Band

the dark side I

set to weird Zounds!

Zounds! What Sounds! (1959)

The Polyphonics

the dark side II

set to weird Zounds!

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— the dark side (may 2021)
— photo & video art by Frank Zweers