Rocket to the Moon

Rocket to the moon | Méliès

mini music movie

rocket to the moon | the magical mystery tour

mini music movie (3′22″)

Georges Méliès meets Raymond Scott

Mini music movie of the epic film 'Le voyage dans la lune' from 1902 by French director Georges Méliès. Set to the music 'By Rocket to the Moon' by the Raymond Scott Quintet, from 1950. For this purpose the silent film of Méliès was used in its entirity, speeded up to 444% of it's original length.

50 years ago... the magical mystery tour of Apollo 11 | 19-22 july 1969


Le Voyage dans la Lune
Georges Méliès, 1902
Speeded up by appr. 444%


By Rocket to the Moon
Raymond Scott Quintet, 1950
Children's Records Guild

22 july 2019

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mini music movies | cinematic pastiches

— photo & video art by Frank Zweers