Gurdjieff in La La Land


Gurdjieff in La La Land

Gurdjieff in La La Land | oriental Hollywood suite

mini music movie (18′44″)


N11 - Funeral Of A Dervish, Funeral Ceremony
N26 - Rugs, Rug Weaving #2, Carpet Weaving
N14bis - The Waltz
N15 - Essentuki Women's Dance In G-Minor, Women Of Essentuki
N23 - Greek Chorovod, Music For The Greek Round
N17 - The Fall Of The Priestess, Polyrythms
from the CD Oriental Suite (Basta Music 2006)
composed by George Gurdjieff & Thomas De Hartmann
performed by Het Metropole Orkest


the movie La La Land (2016)
directed by Damien Chazelle
unabridged (speeded up by 777%, except scenes)

june 2021

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